Kata Beach, Thailand





                              KATA BEACH,  PHUKET                                                                                                     

December 26-28  We sailed back to Kata Beach, a short distance north of Nai Harn. Kata Beach where we had spent several weeks participating in the King's Cup earlier that month. Kata is a busy tourist hub with lots of activity, longtails, seadoos, swimmers and sunbathers and we thought Chris and Craig would like the nightlife. We had booked them a room on shore so us ol folks wouldn't cramp their style.

Chopped it Off!

Before going ashore Craig agreed to let Gord play barber. Craig bravely bade farewell to his long locks which were fast becoming intolerable in the heat. He looked really good with his new doo, so much so that Chris cut his own hair later that day.

Around Town

Ashore we showed the boys the sights and wandered the streets.

Kata Beach always has a group of Longtails parked.

They soon discovered all the shops that sold knock off clothing and spent several days stocking up on new clothes. Typical Thai electrical wiring

Tuk Tuk's are cramped uncomfortable trucks driven by robbers and ready to take you anywhere.


Drinks at the Raggae Bar.

We watched the Firedancers on the beach and  were keen on the lit paper lanterns being released into the sky. We had dinner at one of the numerous fabulous cheap Thai restaurants around Kata Beach, our favorite spot to eat.

After dinner we did some night shopping before heading to the bars.

Night Life at Kata

The vendors came out in full force each evening, the one pictured here packed her baby on her back as she sold her wares.

The night sellers are Thai Indians and they look and dress much different from the other local people in the area. Here Gord joked with one of the hawkers trying on hats.

We ventured towards the north end of Kata Beach where a collection of bars side by side were all competing for customers. The scantily clad Thai girls were overly friendly to the handsome young farangs, Chris & Craig.

Soon the boys were snared into games of FOUR for drinks. Of course these chicks are seasoned players and never lose!
I was actually the only white woman in the bar and although the girls were congenial to me, these chix took an obvious shine to the boys.

But Craig seemed to have his hands full.. more than he bargained for. I decided it was time for Mom to go home. Chris and Craig continued to party and get acquainted with Kata Beach while Gord and I retreated to the boat!

Gord's Birthday

December 27

We got together with GWTW for lunch at our favorite Thai hangout

That evening the whole group planned an evening out. We stopped at the Reggae Bar for drinks before Dinner.

We all piled into a Tuk Tuk and headed for Karon Beach We chose Dino Park to eat. The tropical grounds included a waterfall and a smoking volcano. We sat around tales and chairs out of Bedrock, not real comfy!
The men pose with their Fred Flintstone feet The boys pose with a Thai chick The women pose with Dino

It was a fun couple of days at Kata Beach enjoying the shopping, restaurants, beaches and snorkeling on a marked "Snorkel Trail" by the little island adjacent to the bay.

December 28

We said goodbye to Kata and motored around the corner to Patong Beach, where we planned to hang out until New Year's Eve.